We all do it!  We see one thing about a person and make a judgment about them.  We instantly bond or hate them depending on how they dress, where they live, how they fix their hair or even what their bumper sticker says.

Politics, Religion and Bumper Stickers is a film about beliefs and gets to know the person behind the bumper sticker.  Is the "Have Gun, Will Vote" guy really trigger-happy and ready for a show down?  Is "Coexis†" girl just an anti-war liberal who wants to give our country away?  And what would happen if these two people should ever meet?  The issues are hot, current and controversial.  But, director Alison L. Raffaldt relieves the tension by giving opposing sides a chance to share why they believe what they believe in a non-threatening atmosphere.  The people are passionate and enlightening, plus they all drive cars with bumper stickers.  Politics, Religion and Bumper Sticker has a fun and fascinating way of changing your perspective on the believer, not the belief.

DRIVE NOW, TEXT LATER..... This Bumper Sticker is self explanatory 
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